A Picture of a Fridge

Fridge Freezers

A Picture of a Fridge

Fridge Freezer Installation Purchasing


One of the biggest issues people have is they have not pre-measured their cavity space, so they have moved their newly purchased fridge/freezer from the vendor to their home, only to find the fridge/freezer does not fit!

Installation Tips

1. Once you have moved your fridge/freezer into your ideal area. We advise you not to turn your machine on for at least 2-3 hours. This is a crucial step for the compressor (the thing that makes things cold), as there are gases and oils that need to settle otherwise they can cause damage.

2. Some machines may take longer than others to reach an ideal temperature, always give the fridge/freezer atleast 2-3 days to normalize and refer to the manual.

3. Be careful when using the wheels, some models can scratch your floors as they do not have wheels in the front. You may want to place some thick clothing in the front of the machine, this will help when sliding the fridge/freezer into your cavity and reduce scratching of your floors.

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